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Areas of Specialization

The Firm has a proven, talented and dedicated team of expert lawyers, who will prove to be more responsive and tenacious legal partners of our clients. We provide expert legal representation and advisory services in the following areas of specialization:

Agency Advocacy:

The Firm possesses enough experience to present the stance of its clients before a large number of ministries, commissions, boards & authorities to protect their legal rights and valuable business interests in an impressive manner.

Arbitration & ADR:

We have a number of experienced counsels and consultants on our pool to provide expert and efficient representation to the valued clients in arbitration and alternate dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings. The Firm also assists and coordinates litigation, plan strategy, evaluate facts and formulate legal positions in the enforcement of awards and judgments in the courts.

Banking & Finance:

The Firm assists its clients in banking, financial, regulatory matters, debt, equity, securities, credit facilities, syndication, acquisitions, project finance, asset finance, export credit backed financing and work-outs. It extends its services to solve disputes under letters of credit, demand guarantee, bank-to-bank reimbursements, trading terms and conditions. In addition to regulatory and legislative matters, we also advise our clients on issues concerning debt offerings, equity, securities, letter of credit and other credit enhancement modes.

Business Formation:

The Firm competently assists its clients on business formation, including the formation of the companies of the limited liability, corporations, joint venture agreements and partnerships, etc. The Firm is well equipped to advise its clients keeping in view the appropriate structure of their business.

Capital Markets:

We advise our valuable clients on the legal, regulatory framework and foreign investment in the capital markets of the country.

Civil Law:

Our specialization in civil laws encompasses the disputes relating to the title of ownership, inheritance, tenancy, civil engineering, contractual liability, land revenue, real estate, etc. We also provide counseling in mortgages, encumbrances, construction agreement, lessor/lessee, etc. The Firm handles the civil litigation in the above and other allied matters on regular basis.

Commercial Agreements & Related Disputes:

We advise, draft and vet the various national and international agreements such as contracts of sale of goods, service provider agreements, license & franchise agreements, international distribution & agency agreements, non-circumvention & non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, MOUs and related litigation.

Company / Corporate Law:

We deal in formation, merger, acquisition and amalgamation of private and public sector companies limited either by shares or guarantee and related litigation before the boards and courts. Our expert team of professional lawyers helps our valued clients from drafting of ‘memorandum & articles of association’ to its incorporation and in all other allied and related legal matters. The Firm has also conducted large number of cases for and on behalf of companies and corporations. We also advise our clients in their day to day corporate and secretarial matters. Our assistance also includes the areas of securities work, reorganizations, asset-based lease financing and transactions involving commodities. The Firm has extensive experience in venture capital and private equity transactions, which includes representation of domestic, off-shore investment funds and advisers.

Competition and Anti-Trust:

The Firm represents its clients before Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP). The Commission was set up in the year 2007, to adjudicate the matters relating to monopolistic and anti-trust practices.

Constitutional Law:

The Firm has an extensive experience of dealing with the matters relating to the constitutional law. Our experienced lawyers have assisted the Hon’ble apex court in a large number of cases of national importance.

Construction & Real Estate:

We represent owners, builders, developers, major contractors & sub-contractors in disputes relating to the construction or developmental matters. We have an expert team of lawyers to draft, revise or interpret the construction, partnership or joint venture agreements. Our services also include expert advice and opinion in matters relating to the real estate and property acquisition, etc.


We are specialized in conveyancing, which includes drafting of agreements, joint-ventures, franchise agreements, sale-purchase agreements, commercial contracts, construction contracts, manufacturing license & agreements, lease agreements, lease-deeds and trademark users’ agreements, etc.

Corporate & Commercial:

We have a team of excelling lawyers and consultants to provide services to our clients in general corporate, regulatory and commercial matters. We assist our clients on corporate finance, securities, debt offerings, take-over tendering, revising equity and debt capital, etc. The Firm advises national and multi-national companies, financial institutions and foreign investors on corporate transactions.

Corporate Governance:

We assist and advise quasi-governmental and corporate bodies on the issues of governance and improvement in their management to ensure efficient delivery and performance.

Criminal Law:

The Firm provides the services of expert criminal lawyers. The expertise includes extending legal advice in addition to getting an FIR registered, pleading or opposing bail petition, conducting trial of criminal cases and other allied matters.

Customs, Excise, Import & Export Policy:

The Firm is specialized in customs and excise matters including classification, valuation, civil and criminal penalties and forfeitures, export control issues involving classification, license. We also deal in litigation before the departmental authorities, quasi-judicial forums and the concerned courts.

Distribution and Agency:

The Firm extends assistance to its clients in matters relating to planning, marketing, licensing, agreements, franchise, tax, export, distribution and counseling issues.

Employment Laws:

The Firm deals and extend advice to the clients on employment issues, which includes recruitment, contractual employment, temporary engagement of labour, suspension, retrenchment, dismissal, removal, benefits & compensations, workers’ fund, provident, gratuity, pension, golden-shake hand and separation from service, etc.

Energy & Power Generation Laws:

The Firm extends assistance to its valuable clients in handling legal issues relating to the energy and power generation projects, which includes advice on exploration, concession/ operating agreements and licenses, etc. to the oil, gas and electrical power generation sector. The Firm is equipped with an expert legal team competent enough to draft and extend advice on implementation, power purchase, fuel supply, gas supply, water use agreements and other documents relating to the power project implementation. The Firm possesses the specialization in preparation of proposals for setting-up new power projects including pre-qualification documents, etc.

Environmental & Toxic Contamination:

Our team of lawyers is fully competent to deal with the laws regulated by the federal and provincial authorities and laws directed to curb pollution and toxic contamination. The corporate entities and other business concerns, responsible of releasing catastrophic chemicals and other pollutants into our environment, can be taken to task. The Firm also handles litigation on environmental issues. Our civil justice system provides effective remedies for such irresponsible conduct of business entrepreneur. The environmental & toxic contamination cases can be prosecuted.

Family Law:

We extend legal advice and counseling to our clients in matters dealing with their family or domestic life. Our services includes all matters concerning the resolution of the matrimonial disputes, e.g. marriage contracts, conciliatory proceedings, restitution of conjugal rights, separation, divorce, annulment of marriage, maintenance of children and wife, recovery of dower or dowry, custody of minor children, guardianship, etc.


Our Firm provides legal assistance to the clients in respect of cross-national and multi-national franchises in the field of business chains, real estate, technical expertise and transfer of technology, which includes negotiations, litigation, drafting and vetting of contracts.


The client-corporate bodies and the individuals are represented by the Firm before the federal or provincial governments, international organizations and the embassies in Pakistan regarding engaging or employing the foreign nationals in consonance with the immigration laws of Pakistan. Our Firm assists individuals and institutions with regard to the immigration issues. We render advice and legal opinion to human resource professionals, national and foreign organizations in respect of immigration matters.

Industrial Relations, Labour & Social Security Law:

An effective and efficient team is on board to assist our clients in relation to labor relations, employment agreements, relation between or among trade unions, work protection, labor jurisdiction. The litigation and consultation also includes bargaining between trade union/s and the management/s, retrenchment, signing/termination of employment agreements, labour and industrial disputes, fair and unfair labour practices, etc. We have conducted a large number of cases for and on behalf of employer and have represented its clients in various industrial disputes between management and employees.

Information Technology & Telecommunication:

Our Firm offers expert services to deal with Information Technology, national and international telecommunication laws, telecom contracts, regulation, licensing and litigation. We also represent I.T. & Telecom clients before all courts including the constitutional courts. We assist our clients on all matters including intellectual property, information technology, international telecom laws, telecommunication contracts/laws, telecom licensing & litigation, telecom regulation and satellite communication.


The Firm is equipped to assist its clients in all diversities of insurance matters, including reinsurance, general corporate & international insurance, regulatory, mergers, acquisitions, coverage, complicated claims, arbitration and litigation, etc.

Intellectual Property:

Our clients are provided with expert services for the protection and speedy registration of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and domain name. We defend or represent our clients before the courts in disputes relating to the above matters. We extend specialized services by negotiating licensing deals and acquisitions to the clients. The Firm also provides counseling and reviews in all matters of intellectual property.

International Trade & WTO:

We advise our clients on a broad range of legal aspects of international and world trade laws. The Firm deals with matters related to WTO affairs, anti-dumping and tariff protection, including settlement of disputes under the WTO’s Agreements, services, intellectual property, countervailing duties and safeguards, etc.

Joint Ventures & Foreign Collaboration:

The Firm deals in formation of Joint Ventures amongst Companies, joint venture agreements and foreign collaboration agreements, opening of branch, liaison & project offices of overseas companies and foreign entities.

Litigation & Strategy Planning:

We deal in strategy planning & legal representation in courts & authorities along-with alliances with foreign lawyers all across the globe. We have extensive experience in litigation before the courts, tribunals, commissions and other legal or quasi-legal forums.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

The Firm offers its expert services in mergers and acquisitions to its clients.

Mining Law

The Firm undertakes litigation before the mines tribunals & courts in relation to grant, renewal and challenge to grant & refusal of prospecting license, mining lease and related issues. The Firm serves its clients by appraising them regarding legal position on exploration, production, sale, lease, joint ventures & tax matters. The Firm assists its clients in negotiations for their rights and obligations, etc.

Petroleum, Oil & Gas Laws:

The Firm provides legal assistance to its clients in matter relating to the petroleum, oil and gas laws, which includes our expert advice on exploration & production issues. The Firm also assists its clients on matters relating to the petroleum concessions, grant of petroleum rights, regulations of petroleum & exploration sector, field development, implementation investment in exploration & production, joint ventures, regulatory and legal consultancy.

Power Generation & Energy Laws:

The Firm offers its services to the valuable clients in dealing with legal matters pertaining to power generation & energy laws, which also includes representation before courts, regulatory bodies and other authorities.


We provide legal assistance to the clients in privatization process in all but including electrical, power, petroleum, productive and manufacturing units, etc.


The Firm possesses rich experience in dealing with various kinds of projects, which also includes setting up of industrial projects.

Property & Real Estate:

We have expert team of lawyers having long experience in dealing with civil; land revenue matters specially property and real estate disputes. We offer a broad spectrum of services and assistance to our valued clients in buying and selling of property & real estate along with related litigation. We extend services and legal assistance in acquisition of commercial properties and real estate by multinational corporations and foreign investors as well as diplomatic missions.The Firm possesses the competency in dealing the full range of real estate issues, including a real estate residential & commercial transaction, from drafting of purchase and sale documents to handling of disputes.

Regulatory Laws:

The Firm advises its clients on regular basis on regulation matters. We also often represent the leading clients before all the courts, government and quasi-governmental forum.

Tax Matters:

The Firm deals in Tax matters. We represent our clients before Tax authorities including Income Tax Appellate Tribunals and the superior courts, i.e. High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

White Collar Defense:

The Firm has extensive experience of dealing with cases falling within the category of white collar defense. In addition to the courts of criminal jurisdiction the Firm represents or defends its clients before the constitutional courts and the apex court. The clients are also represented before the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and other similar authorities.

In Addition:

We also provide the expert and efficient legal services, mentioned hereunder, to our valuable clients:

  • Legal Advice: On confronting any untoward and complicated situation the Firm may be promptly contacted and engaged to seek legal opinion to deal with the matter, which shall save you from further complication and resolution of the matter.
  • Drafting of Legal Documents: The Firm has par excellence expertise in drafting of all
  • Representation: We represent our clients before all the courts, tribunals, commission, kinds of documents and legal instruments, i.e. agreements, contracts, deeds, notices, bylaws and registration of all such documents with the Registering Authorities, etc.judicial, quasi judicial forums, regulatory bodies and the authorities, situated any where in the country.
  • Retainership/Legal Consultant: The clients can engage the Firm as their Legal Advisor or Consultant on retainer-ship to cater for their needs.